Martha putting on makeup in front of a mirror.

My number one obsession is to create impactful brands for out of the box thinkers and aspiring risk takers.

I was a conformIST

During my teen years, my life mostly revolved around getting good grades because I wanted a “well-paying” job. I worked my ass off, sacrificing social opportunities and quite honestly my happiness. I followed the path society deemed exemplary but there was something else inside me.

I didn’t have to dig deep to know that the 9-5 life wasn’t for me. I’ve always dreamt of creative fulfilment, financial freedom, and being my own boss. And so for as long as I can remember, I told everyone around me that “one day” I would be a creative business owner. But after graduating high school I didn’t have the guts to do it. I was trapped in the mindset that I needed an obscene amount of money, experience, and confidence to even start.

So I took a 4 year long detour, studying international management with a focus on marketing in Germany and the UK (the kinda creative but safe option). And afterwards? Still not a business owner. I worked several hospitality jobs to avoid the corporate world and the fear of the unknown.

Then 2020 came and I decided it was time to stop playing it safe and settling for any less than my actual dream - living life on my own terms. I had grown my confidence to a point where I could say “hell yes I can do that” but to unveil a secret... my confidence absolutely spiked once I became clear on my brand’s purpose and place in the online world.

That’s how I knew how damn powerful pairing brand strategy and identity was - and how incredibly useful the combination of my artistic creativity and business knowledge were.


Today I have the pleasure of helping
inspiring entrepreneurs (like you) step into
their higher self with an aligned brand and a
kick-ass website that converts.

Me squatting on the floor in a baggy shirt and platform boots laughing.
spilling the
fun, odd, real

When I’m working on your designs, there’s a 99% chance I’m subtly head-banging along to heavy music.

I don’t drink the life blood of designers - coffee.
Smell yay, taste nay.
Thrifting is in my top 3 of obsessions, right after designing and enjoying live music. I’m getting a kick from finding unique pieces, especially home decor, that I can give a second home.
I’ve watched pretty much every horror movie under
the sun. At least the psycho thriller ones. Not that much into gore.
As a child, I was dreaming of becoming a judge, an
architect, and an interior designer.
I want to live in Bali for a few months.
Scrap the rules.
Be your fierce self.
Make your
dreams reality.
let's go
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If you are even thinking (even a little bit) about working with Martha, do it now! Not only is she intuitive and strategic about branding, but she is so insanely talented and can bring any vision to life with clarity and expertise. She took my ideas and presented them to me in ways that made them 100 times better, and she made the whole process so simple. I am not a skilled designer by any means, but Martha equipped me with all the tools I need to maintain the visual aspects of my brand long after I am offboarded from our project. I'm sad that the process is over, honestly, because Martha has been such an asset and comfort to me during a HUGE and SCARY realignment and rebrand.


Holy Shit!! First off, I love Martha! She's an incredible human and so fu*cking talented! I came to Martha with a small vision of what I wanted my brand to be but didn't know how to implement everything on my own. I searched for months to find the right brand designer for me. I immediately knew after seeing Martha's work, she was the one I was looking for to help me. She challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and I'm so glad she did because my branding turned out PERFECTLY! When I chose to work with Martha, I was ready to level up in every way. She helped me accomplish that and brought my brand to life, simultaneously. I have gotten countless messages and compliments about how my branding fits my personality and brand. I will definitely continue to work with Martha in my business. I could not be happier!


I honestly cannot say enough good things about Martha! She has the happiest and most calming energy and is truly incredible at what she does. The time and the levels of details she puts into her work are so apparent by the STUNNING outcomes! I needed a website BAD, and even after purchasing a template, I was having a hard time making it feel like me. One call with Martha and a sneak peek of my website later, I knew I had made the BEST choice I possibly could have, putting it totally in her hands! She took exactly what was in my jumbled, indecisive brain and turned it into the MOST perfect website for me and my brand! I cannot thank here nough! Seriously, please work with Martha. Your brand needs this! Don’t even wait any longer reading this!!