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rising ceos

Martha sitting on the floor in leather jacket, baggy shirt, and chunky boots. Framed art in the background.
Here's the thing...
You are a powerhouse
Confident, brave, fierce. That’s the energy you aspire to embody in every aspect of your life.

But not clearly communicating your vision through your brand is what’s holding you back from actually stepping into your higher self and making 6+ figures with ease.

You’re so sick of being insecure about your mediocre Canva designs and having to hustle on Instagram to book clients when all you want is freedom.
It’s time to shake things up
and let your brand and website
work for you behind the scenes.
Me sitting on wooden floor reading a graphic design magazine and wearing an oversized retro shirt and vintage jeans.
Here's how to
start selling
memorable branding
A memorable brand is 2-3x more likely to sell, that’s why I create visual identities that stand out. Most importantly, every brand I craft is rooted in strategy to captivate your audience.
irresistible messaging
Clear and relevant messaging is an integral part of a strong AF brand and website. I help you figure out your brand personality, story, and values, and how to communicate them.
I give your brand a home. One that’s inviting, exciting, and worthy of revisiting. And the foundation of it? Sales psychology, so your dream clients hit that “book” button.
With a brand that captivates your audience and a website that converts in your sleep, you can stress less about client generation. Get ready for bliss.

know a

Me sitting on the floor in a retro shirt and vintage jeans covering my face with a graphic design magazine.
I used to be so shy and insecure, I wouldn’t
even go see my favourite bands live because
the idea of people hearing me sing scared
the shit out of me.

Occasions like this made me understand I
needed to take action. The feeling of
sacrificing my dream life for moments of
comfort became more frightening than
stepping outside my comfort zone.
Not gonna lie, the way to confidence isn’t
always a piece of cake but discovering who
you are, what lights you up, accepting your
quirks, and gaining trust in yourself is

It’s my goal as a designer to weave this
awakening element into my approach - and
create a brand that celebrates what makes
you unique.
I don’t just create beautiful brands and websites. I give you confidence from knowing exactly what your brand stands for, who you serve, and how to successfully communicate this strategically, visually and verbally.
Service menu
full transformation
Custom brand
& website

This is the full package.

We dive deep into your brand strategy, create a magnetic brand identity, and build a website that converts.

stand-out brand
Brand strategy
& identity

We develop a strategy that brings out what sets you apart. And then we create a visual identity to match your story and message.

express brand

90 minute zoom session designed for online entrepreneurs wanting a fresh visual identity without the heavy investment.

designer for a day

This is a fully custom-tailored service for business owners that need a designer for a day, whether we have previously worked together or not.

client love
client love
client love
client love
client love
client love

If you are even thinking (even a little bit) about working with Martha, do it now! Not only is she intuitive and strategic about branding, but she is so insanely talented and can bring any vision to life with clarity and expertise. She took my ideas and presented them to me in ways that made them 100 times better, and she made the whole process so simple. I am not a skilled designer by any means, but Martha equipped me with all the tools I need to maintain the visual aspects of my brand long after I am offboarded from our project. I'm sad that the process is over, honestly, because Martha has been such an asset and comfort to me during a HUGE and SCARY realignment and rebrand.


Holy Shit!! First off, I love Martha! She's an incredible human and so fu*cking talented! I came to Martha with a small vision of what I wanted my brand to be but didn't know how to implement everything on my own. I searched for months to find the right brand designer for me. I immediately knew after seeing Martha's work, she was the one I was looking for to help me. She challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and I'm so glad she did because my branding turned out PERFECTLY! When I chose to work with Martha, I was ready to level up in every way. She helped me accomplish that and brought my brand to life, simultaneously. I have gotten countless messages and compliments about how my branding fits my personality and brand. I will definitely continue to work with Martha in my business. I could not be happier!


I honestly cannot say enough good things about Martha! She has the happiest and most calming energy and is truly incredible at what she does. The time and the levels of details she puts into her work are so apparent by the STUNNING outcomes! I needed a website BAD, and even after purchasing a template, I was having a hard time making it feel like me. One call with Martha and a sneak peek of my website later, I knew I had made the BEST choice I possibly could have, putting it totally in her hands! She took exactly what was in my jumbled, indecisive brain and turned it into the MOST perfect website for me and my brand! I cannot thank here nough! Seriously, please work with Martha. Your brand needs this! Don’t even wait any longer reading this!!